I had a great time being reacquainted with this old friend, the Phantom. The scenes from the show they played at the media call on 2019-04-25 showed how fresh this old dame of a show can be. 

I was really impressed with the pacing of the show that night at the gala performance. Every performer was vocally stunning. Each of the leads showed how much vocal control and colour can make a familiar song fresh and interesting. Personally, I was usually bored whenever I listened to old, draggy 'Music of the Night' - but not this time! Johnathan Roxmouth, the Phantom, made it really interesting for me. Not only was he a fine and interesting vocalist, he seemed to stand taller than anyone else in the show. I am overall still amazed at the details they put into every aspect of the show. Even the minor role of Meg sang a true and beautiful soprano. Alright, I thought she could sing but could she also dance ballet?.....Yes, every tendu was there. And she was constant standing in perfect fourth and fifth positions! OMG - maybe she's the understudy for Christine! Beverly Chiat as Carlotta - I must give due credit to such fine operatic singing. Every note spot on. The ensemble in Prima Donna was tight and outstanding - that made my day. Interestingly, this was the first time I saw Piangi played by a black singer - very good singing but not fat enough for the role! Matt Leisy had a delicious tenor voice and look every part of the romantic lead. Christine was great for the role and truly believeable in the part. Her vocal interpretation remained true to the text. My only complaint is that she was rather short.  The 2 monsieurs (managers of the Paris Opera) were less physically comical than many others I had seen but they were good vocalists too. So how quickly did the chandelier come down on stage? Come and watch and find out! Check out all the small details that made this production so fresh!

I had a collaborator during my media call and his full review is at

Rainer Fried (assistant director), Gigi Jee Hyun Noh (resident choreographer, ballet swing) and David Andrews Rogers (musical director) shared their perspectives on the show.

Matt Leisy, who plays Raoul, talks about his experiences in the show and some details of his personal journey. He is stunningly good looking on stage, decked in full costume.


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