The Chamber, the Arts House, Singapore
1st Oct 2014
Directed by Dr Hemang Yadav
Singers – Reuben Lai, Satsuki Nagatome, Melvin Tan, Sherilyn Tan, Sabrina Zuber
Actors – Angela Cortez, Darren Guo

A Review by Hawk Liu

It was an evening dedicated to music written for Shakespeare’s stories. The presentation was a very interesting juxtaposition of the marriage woes of a modern day couple, with the operatic arias and duets. The link was provided by the fact that the modern day wife was a literature teacher expounding on some Shakespearean literature. Under the fine direction and excellent acting from the couple, the emotions were real. Darren Guo carried off the husband’s insensitive arrogance so well that I would give him a kick for being such an asshole. Interspersed between the action were the opera numbers, expertly sung by all the singers. It was a treat to listen to lesser sung Rossini (enough Il Barbiere, please). The coloratura in Verdi, Rossini and Purcell were fearlessly sung, not to mention also the silver tones in the Gounod’s duet. This is the first time Bellepoque has taken on a more serious story telling rather than the comic ones in previous productions. It’s an appropriate move given the choice of music. 
It was an enjoyable evening or wonderful singing. It’s on til 4th October. Catch it soon!


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